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Technology problems are not always about technology. When working at high levels of complexity and speed you need to also look at your business design & processes as well as your people's organization & capabilities. From our experience whether you have a large organization or a start-up, the issues are similar as you progress through different stages of growth and change. That's why we provide services with a holistic approach to cover the whole spectrum of innovation.

  • Digital Transformation and Change Management

  • Technology, Business & Product Strategy and Focus

  • Technical Architecture and Reviews

  • Alignment between Product and Engineering

  • Alignment between Product and Business

  • Leadership Coaching and Manager Mentoring

Customers typically combine one or more of these services on a weekly or monthly cadence. We operate as an extension of your technology leadership and advisory team. We provide honest feedback, practical proposals, and love to see your teams happy & empowered to make the changes themselves.

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