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In The Media

Nikos has been invited over the years to speak at conferences and has been interviewed by the media for his views on technology, software, and leadership.




In this talk I explain how we can teach children even at young ages how to understand computers and programming using stories and games.


ETAS Symposium

In this keynote speech I give an overview for the future of Software-Defined Vehicles, SDKs, and the Arene Platform that my team was responsible for developing.

The event was covered by Nikkei and MotorFan Tech.

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TechCrunch Tokyo

In this keynote speech I share some of my views on programmable mobility and the technological and business innovations that large companies and start-ups should consider to take advantage of the possibilities.


IoT World Congress

In this panel discussion with key technology leaders from Dell Technologies I share my views on how proper software architectures, AI, and cloud data solutions can play a critical role in autonomous vehicles, mobility, and smart cities.

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